For those who are planning to travel to Cebu City for specific reasons, you can find the list of requirements on this page and a step-by-step process. The travel requirements depend on the purpose of your trip whether you are going home, going back to work, to renew your passports, or even non-essential travel.

UPDATE: In light of IATF Resolution No. 101, COVID Shield Travel Authority and Health Certificates are no longer required for travel. However, please get in touch with the Cebu City Government to inquire about the other required documents.


Cebu City Travel Requirements


  • Swab Test
  • Letter of acceptance from receiving barangay
  • Covid shield (Need Certificate, Brgy. Clearance) from LGU of origin


  • Swab test
  • Mission order
  • Company ID
  • Travel Itinerary in Cebu City
  • Return travel details
  • Confirmed Booking Accommodation in Cebu City

Medical Reasons

  • Swab test
  • Medical Certificate
  • Condition\Reason with Referral
  • Laboratory Results\Request issued by attending physician
  • Valid ID

Government Employees/Officials on Official Business

  • Mission order
  • Government ID
  • Medical Certificate

Visa/Passport Appointment

  • Swab test
  • Appointment
  • Valid ID/Passport
  • Return travel details

Cadaver Transfer (Non-COVID)

  • Death Certificate of Cadaver
  • Covid Shield of accompanying
  • Swab test result of all accompanying


  • Swab test
  • Covid Shield
  • Confirmed Booking Accommodation in Cebu City
  • Return travel details (less than 30 days)
  • Travel Itinerary in Cebu City

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Fill out an online application at
  2. Once you’ve created an application, check the status and checklist of requirements at
  3. Upload the different documents and requirements specified on the checklist
  4. Once you’ve submitted ALL requirements, click the Homepage button
  5. Wait for an email update regarding your application within 48 hours
  6. If your application is APPROVED, the EOC staff will email the Clearance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Covid Shield?
Covid Shield is short for COVID Shield Travel Authority. In other words, it is the Travel Authority document.

When should I take a swab test?
The swab test should be taken 3 days before your departure date.

Where can I take a swab test?
You can take your swab test at any of the licensed COVID-19 testing laboratories in the country.

The ferry will not issue a ticket ahead of time, what should I submit for the checklist instead?
Create an image and write text on the image explaining that the ferry company will only issue a ticket on the same day as your departure date.

I am an APOR and will work indefinitely in Cebu City, what should I submit as my Return Travel Details?
Create an image and write text on the image explaining that you will be staying in Cebu City indefinitely for work. You can also mention that you still need to find a place to rent if you haven’t found one yet.


Contact Information

For those with other questions or concerns about their applications, you can refer to the contact numbers and email address below:

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