There are different types of ships in the Philippines but for passenger ferry transport, the most popular ones are called fast crafts and ROROs or ROPAXs. Fast crafts are passenger-only boats while ROROs can transport both passengers and vehicles.



Island Water Fast Craft Vessel
Island Water Fast Craft Vessel

If you decide to travel by RORO, make sure you present your vehicle’s OR/CR documents because most, if not all, shipping companies require these. You will also be charged a vehicle tariff fee.

Some companies own both fast crafts and ROROs within their fleets such as Jomalia Shipping, Lite Ferries, Starlite Ferries, and Montenegro Lines.

Other Ferries

Topline Express Ferries Vessel
Topline Express Shipping Vessel

Other ferries include city ferries which offer short trips between islands such as the island of Cebu and the island of Mactan. City ferries are perfect for those who wish to avoid the heavy traffic of the city during peak hours.