Ferry Schedules

OceanJet has trips every week from Tagbilaran to Dumaguete and vice versa. The fast craft ferry will depart from the Dumaguete City Port and the Tagbilaran City Port in Bohol.

Tagbilaran to Dumaguete

Departure Time
Arrival Time
Monday12:10 PM2:10 PM
Friday12:10 PM2:10 PM

Dumaguete to Tagbilaran

Departure Time
Arrival Time
Monday2:30 PM4:30 PM
Friday2:30 PM4:30 PM

The ferry trip from Tagbilaran City departs at 12:10 PM while the ferry trip from Dumaguete City departs at 2:30 PM. Trips are only available every Monday and Friday.


Travel Time

The estimated ferry travel time between Dumaguete City and Tagbilaran City is 2 hours.

Fare Rates

The ticket fare depends on the type of accommodation that you choose and there are three to choose from: Open Air, Tourist class, and Business class.

AccommodationFare Rate
Open Air₱700.00
Tourist Class₱700.00
Business Class₱1020.00

The price for Open Air and Tourist class accommodations are just the same with the latter being air-conditioned.


Online Booking

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, you can only buy tickets at the OceanJet ticketing office.

Contact Information

OceanJet has provided three contact numbers that passengers can use to call for any inquiries or questions.


OceanJet Tagbilaran-Dumaguete Ferry Schedules
OceanJet Tagbilaran-Dumaguete Ferry Schedules

Hotels & Resorts

Dumaguete City

Tagbilaran City


OceanJet has weekly trips between Dumaguete City and Tagbilaran City, Bohol. The ferry from Tagbilaran will depart at 12:10 PM while the ferry from Dumaguete will depart at 2:30 PM every Monday and Friday. The total travel time is 2 hours and the regular passenger fare is 700 PHP for Open Air and Tourist class & 1020 PHP for the Business class.


About OceanJet

OceanJet is a famous fast craft ferry service in the Visayan region of the Philippines. They offer trips to different destinations such as Cebu, Camotes, Tagbilaran, Getafe, Ormoc, Dumaguete, Leyte, Siquijor, Bacolod, Iloilo, Batangas, Balatero, Puerto Galera. Out of all the fast craft companies, OceanJet has the most number of trips every day.

For the full list of routes by OceanJet, check out the OceanJet page.

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