You accept responsibility for your purchases. If you bought item/s from the store and the payment went through, we will treat it as a valid transaction and will begin processing the order and then delivery.

You can request a change on shirt size, if and only if, we haven’t started working on the order. In such case, please email us immediately at [email protected] so we could cater to your change request.


You cannot cancel the order/s once it is being processed and we’ve already received payment.


Your item/s will be delivered either through LBC Express or JRS Express. We will be sending you the tracking number (if provided) once we’ve submitted the item/s for delivery.

Refund Policy

We accept refunds if the product is damaged, lost, or we provided the incorrect shirt design or size in accordance to your order. However, we will need proof of damage through photos, video evidence, or other details upon request. We will also take our own photos before we ship the item to verify that the item was in good condition beforehand.

We will not accept refunds if the product was damage during shipping even though that is unlikely as we are only currently shipping apparel.