Mayors and governors in Western Visayas are requesting the Inter-Agency Task Force for an extension of the travel ban within the region. This desired extension will be good for another week.

This extension request will not include any overseas Filipino workers, according to Negros Occidental Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson. In addition to this, a request was also made regarding an increase in vaccine allotment for the region.

According to Lacson, it was Ilo-ilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas who wrote the request. The alarming surge in COVID-19 cases in Negros Occidental already has many worried.


Lacson was quoted as saying, “If these continue, we may surpass last year’s peak of active cases.” The province recorded a total of 635 active cases along with 7,000 recovers and around 230 deaths as of April 7, 2021, all since March 2020.

The provincial government’s many efforts to lower cases include the issuing of Executive Order 21-21. This implemented strict measures on any mass gatherings within the province, along with a 30% limitation on gathering venues.

The executive order also requires gathering participants to observe public health standards at all costs. Not to mention that all gatherings need to comply to the Department of Labor and Employment’s set ventilation standards.


Last but not least, the EO authorized the imposing of targeted lockdowns by local government units within their jurisdictions. On Wednesday, 24 households in San Carlos City were placed on lockdown by Mayor Renato Gustilo whilst Mayor Richard Jaojoco placed 700 households in Toboso under lockdown.

Source: Sunstar

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