Ferry Schedules

Here are the daily ferry schedules of operators plying the route of Buenavista, Guimaras and Iloilo. Depending on the operator, if you are traveling from Iloilo, you can either depart/arrive at the Iloilo Port or the port in City Mall Parola. If you are traveling from Buenavista, the port is the MacArthur’s Wharf.

List of Ferry Operators

  • Atlantis Yohan
  • Bamosa
  • Bta. Development Coop.

Buenavista to Iloilo

5:00 AMBuenavistaAtlantis Yohan5:10 AMParola
5:15 AMBuenavistaBamosa5:30 AMParola
5:30 AMBuenavistaBamosa5:45 AMParola
6:20 AMBuenavistaBta. Devt Coop6:40 AMParola
6:45 AMBuenavistaAtlantis Yohan7:00 AMParola
7:00 AMBuenavistaBamosa7:15 AMParola
7:15 AMBuenavistaBamosa7:30 AMParola
7:45 AMBuenavistaBta. Devt Coop8:05 AMParola
8:15 AMBuenavistaAtlantis Yohan8:30 AMParola
8:30 AMBuenavistaBamosa8:45 AMIloilo
8:45 AMBuenavistaBamosa9:00 AMParola
9:10 AMBuenavistaBta. Devt Coop9:30 AMParola
9:35 AMBuenavistaAtlantis Yohan9:55 AMIloilo
9:50 AMBuenavistaBamosa10:10 AMParola
10:05 AMBuenavistaBamosa10:20 AMParola
10:20 AMBuenavistaAtlantis Yohan10:35 AMParola
10:40 AMBuenavistaBamosa10:55 AMParola
11:00 AMBuenavistaBamosa11:15 AMIloilo
11:30 AMBuenavistaBta. Devt Coop11:45 AMParola
12:00 NNBuenavistaAtlantis Yohan12:15 PMParola
12:30 PMBuenavistaBamosa12:45 PMParola
12:45 PMBuenavistaBamosa1:00 PMParola
1:15 PMBuenavistaBta. Devt Coop1:30 PMIloilo
1:45 PMBuenavistaAtlantis Yohan2:00 PMParola
2:15 PMBuenavistaBamosa2:30 PMParola
2:40 PMBuenavistaBamosa2:55 PMIloilo
3:15 PMBuenavistaBta. Devt Coop3:30 PMParola
3:40 PMBuenavistaAtlantis Yohan3:55 PMParola
4:00 PMBuenavistaBamosa4:15 PMIloilo
4:15 PMBuenavistaBamosa4:30 PMParola
4:30 PMBuenavistaBta. Devt Coop4:45 PMParola
5:00 PMBuenavistaAtlantis Yohan5:15 PMIloilo
5:15 PMBuenavistaBamosa5:45 PMParola
5:30 PMBuenavistaBamosa5:45 PMParola
6:00 PMBuenavistaAtlantis Yohan6:15 PMIloilo
6:20 PMBuenavistaBamosa6:35 PMParola
6:40 PMBuenavistaBamosa6:55 PMParola
7:00 PMBuenavistaBta. Devt Coop7:15 PMIloilo

The first trip from Buenavista, Guimaras departs at 5:00 AM with the last trip at 7:00 PM. There are trips every hour with different departure time intervals.


Iloilo to Buenavista

5:30 AMParolaBta. Devt Coop5:50 AMBuenavista
6:00 AMParolaAtlantis Yohan6:15 AMBuenavista
6:20 AMParolaBamosa6:35 AMBuenavista
6:40 AMParolaBamosa6:55 AMBuenavista
7:00 AMIloiloBta. Devt Coop7:20 AMBuenavista
7:30 AMParolaAtlantis Yohan7:45 AMBuenavista
7:45 AMParolaBamosa8:00 AMBuenavista
8:00 AMIloiloBamosa8:15 AMBuenavista
8:20 AMParolaBta. Devt Coop8:40 AMBuenavista
8:50 AMIloiloAtlantis Yohan9:05 AMBuenavista
9:20 AMParolaBta. Devt Coop9:35 AMBuenavista
9:45 AMParolaBamosa10:00 AMBuenavista
10:00 AMIloiloBamosa10:15 AMBuenavista
10:30 AMParolaAtlantis Yohan11:00 AMBuenavista
10:45 AMParolaBta. Devt Coop11:50 AMBuenavista
11:00 AMIloiloBamosa11:15 AMBuenavista
11:30 AMParolaBamosa11:45 AMBuenavista
12:00 NNParolaAtlantis Yohan12:15 PMBuenavista
12:30 PMParolaBta. Devt Coop12:45 PMBuenavista
12:45 PMParolaBamosa1:00 PMBuenavista
1:00 PMIloiloBamosa1:15 PMBuenavista
1:30 PMParolaAtlantis Yohan1:45 PMBuenavista
2:00 PMParolaBta. Devt Coop2:20 PMBuenavista
2:30 PMIloiloBamosa2:45 PMBuenavista
3:00 PMParolaBamosa3:15 PMBuenavista
3:15 PMParolaAtlantis Yohan3:30 PMBuenavista
3:30 PMIloiloBta. Devt Coop3:45 PMBuenavista
3:45 PMParolaBamosa4:00 PMBuenavista
4:00 PMParolaBamosa4:15 PMBuenavista
4:30 PMIloiloAtlantis Yohan4:45 PMBuenavista
5:00 PMParolaBta. Devt Coop5:15 PMBuenavista
5:15 PMParolaBamosa5:30 PMBuenavista
5:30 PMIloiloBamosa5:45 PMBuenavista
5:45 PMParolaAtlantis Yohan6:00 PMBuenavista
5:40 PMParolaBta. Devt Coop6:05 PMBuenavista
6:00 PMParolaBamosa6:20 PMBuenavista
6:30 PMIloiloBamosa6:45 PMBuenavista
7:00 PMParolaAtlantis Yohan7:20 PMBuenavista

The first trip from Iloilo departs at 5:30 AM with the last trip at 7:00 PM. There are trips every hour with different departure time intervals.

Travel Time

The estimated travel time between Iloilo and Buenavista, Guimaras is around 10 to 20 minutes.

Fare Rates

The regular passenger fare is ₱40.00 but this may vary depending on the operator. To be safe, prepare to bring extra cash with you. For students, senior citizens, and PWDs, bring your valid ID to avail of discount rates (if available).



Buenavista-Iloilo Ferry Schedules
Buenavista-Iloilo Ferry Schedules (Source: Facebook)
Iloilo-Buenavista Ferry Schedules
Iloilo-Buenavista Ferry Schedules (Source: Facebook)

Hotels & Resorts

Iloilo City

Guimaras Island

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There are multiple ferry trips every day from Buenavista, Guimaras to Iloilo and vice versa. Depending on the operator, there can be up to 3 trips per hour. The travel time is around 10 to 20 minutes and the regular passenger fare is ₱40.00 however, this amount varies between operators.

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