For those who wish to travel to the province of Bohol, here are the different requirements if you are an LSI or APOR. However, your LGU of destination may have additional requirements so make sure to contact them first and tell them about your plans to travel. Your LGU will be the one who will suggest your travel date and time. You can find the contact numbers for the different municipalities on this page.

LSI Travel Requirements

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Medical Certificate
  • Travel Authority

APOR Travel Requirements

  • Certificate of Employment
  • Mission Order
  • Medical Certificate

Bohol LGU Contact Numbers

Where can I get the travel requirements?

  • Acceptance Letter – LGU of destination
  • Travel Authority – Barangay Hall of origin or local police station (PNP)
  • Medical Certificate – City or Municipal Health Office
  • Mission Order – Company

Where do I go after I already have all the requirements?

Once you have all your requirements, have them photocopied and head to your local PCG (Philippine Coast Guard) office. The PCG will check and stamp your requirements. You can then proceed to the ticketing office where you’ll purchase your ferry ticket.

How long is the quarantine?

In most cases, the quarantine in Bohol is 14 days. However, this can be lessened if you opt to take a swab test. Swab test cost is covered by PhilHealth if you are an active member but if you don’t have PhilHealth, it usually cost Php 4,500.00.

IMPORTANT: Contact your LGU first before you start gathering your requirements/documents as they may have additional requirements for you.

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