For those who are planning to travel between Surigao City and Dapa, Siargao Island, you can find the fast craft schedule of Evaristo & Sons below. The fast craft vessel is the MV Nathan Ferry 3. Please wear your face mask and face shield when traveling.

Fastcraft Schedule

Dapa, Siargao
Departure Time
Surigao City
Departure Time
6:00 AM3:30 PM

For more information such as the travel time, fare rates, and contact information, check out the full article at Evaristo & Sons: Surigao to Dapa and v.v. Schedule & Fare Rates

Surigao Travel Requirements


  • eHealth Pass
  • Traze QR Code

Non-Surigaonons (APOR, Tourist)

  • Antigen Negative Result
  • Travel Order
  • eHealth Pass
  • Traze QR Code

Source: Facebook

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