As of June 3, 2020, Starlite Ferries has resumed operations for some of its routes according to a post on their Facebook page. They will be following a relaxed schedule due to reduced passenger capacity. For the routes that aren’t listed below, they are still unavailable.


For those planning to travel on these routes, make sure you have completed the requirements if you are an LSI (Locally Stranded Individual), APOR (Authorized Personnel Outside Residence), or a ROF (Returning Overseas Filipino). There is also a strict ‘NO FACE MASK, NO BOARDING’ policy.

For those who have questions about the routes, Starlite Ferries has provided contact numbers for their offices.

Batangas / Calapan, Mindoro Booking Office

Cebu / Surigao

Caticlan / Roxas, Mindoro

Roxas City


Starlite Ferries Travel Advisory
Starlite Ferries Travel Advisory (Source: Facebook)
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