Ferry Schedules

Montenegro Lines will have trips every week from Calatrava to Romblon and vice versa. The ships will depart and arrive at the Calatrava Port and the Romblon Ferry Terminal in Romblon Island. Both municipalities are part of the province of Romblon.

Weekly Schedule

Calatrava to RomblonRomblon to Calatrava
1:00 AM
12:00 NN

The ferry from Calatrava will depart at 1:00 AM while the ferry from Romblon will depart at 12:00 NN. Trips are only available every Thursday, Saturday, and Monday. The RORO vessel can transport both passengers and vehicles.


This route is part of a series of trips from Lucena City to San Fernando, Romblon and vice versa. The different stops include Banton Island, Simara Island, Calatrava, and Romblon Island.

Travel Time

The estimated travel time between Calatrava and Romblon is 2 hours.

Fare Rates

The passenger fare depends on whether you are a regular, student, senior citizen, a PWD, or a minor. For the fare matrix, please refer to the contact numbers provided in the next section.


Contact Information

You could get in touch with Montenegro Lines by using the contact numbers below. Use these if you have any inquiries about the trip. They also have email addresses provided in case the phone numbers are unattended.

Phone numbers

Email addresses


Montenegro Lines Lucena-Banton Romblon Ferry Schedule
Montenegro Lines Calatrava-Romblon Ferry Schedule


Montenegro Lines has weekly trips between Calatrava and Romblon Island. Every Thursday, Saturday, and Monday, the trip from Calatrava departs at 1:00 AM and if you are traveling from Romblon, the trip departs at 12:00 NN. The total travel time is 2 hours. You can inquire for the passenger fare by using the contact numbers in this page.

About Montenegro Lines

Montenegro Lines is a popular shipping company in the Philippines which offers both fast crafts and RORO vessels for sea transportation. They have trips to the different provinces of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


For the full list of routes by Montenegro Lines, check out the Montenegro Lines page.

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